The Lighthouse Ministries Int’l



The Tribe is a gathering of Youths who attend THE LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL.
The Tribe has a special place before God, because they are today's leaders in the Kingdom and seven mountains that would mould culture.

The Core Values of The Tribe

There are three core values of impact we focus on to strengthen our mission to actualize our vision. They are called the “Three Ws”


The very first or the most frequent experience the Youth will have in the YOUTH Church is the weekly Sunday Worship service. We teach them HOW to worship and WHY we worship Christ.


We provide a Biblical basis and principles that help to build and nurture Youth in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and understanding HOW to apply Godly principles in their lives.


We create an environment for the deployment, display and expression of their God-given assignment as reflected in their gifts, talents, innovations, leadership, etc.